Civil Engineering > Site Planning & Layouts

Landmark’s professional Site Planning & Layout services ensures that our clients property has been utilized efficiently while maintaining zoning code and land use restrictions. Clients usually indicate their vision or idea of what they feel can be utilized and we can adopt those visions/ideas and incorporate into our extensive knowledge of Site Planning & Layout. Zoning and Land Use Ordinances can be a complicated set of rules that can sometimes derail or delay a project which can be a financial burden on a client. Proper understanding of these ordinances is one of our strong points.

Civil Engineering > Site Feasibility Studies

Landmark’s professional Site Feasibility Studies services is a very valuable portion of our expertise. From experienced real estate developers to private land owners who wish to construct their first project, a question is always raised, “can this project actually be constructed?”. That’s where we come in. Landmark can study the property and determine the limitations such as drainage ways, topographical constraints, availability of utilities and zoning and land use restrictions, etc. and offer advice of what can and cannot be done. This initial investment can save a client a lot of headaches, especially in a financial sense. Real estate developers typically research this area before opting to purchase a property, but usually seek our services from a civil engineering and land surveying perspective. Typically, a Conceptual set of plans is generated during this phase.

Civil Engineering > Utility Design

Landmark offers on-site domestic water pressure calculations and gravity and force main sanitary sewer design services. This is usually part of any Commercial and Residential design project as it’s required by most municipalities. Small scale sanitary sewer pump station design (for residential subdivisions and smaller commercial properties) is also part of our expertise.

Civil Engineering > Site Grading & Drainage Design

Landmark’s professional Site Grading & Drainage Design services is another area of our expertise. Any land disturbance greater than 1 acre usually requires a grading permit. Sometimes even the construction of an addition to an existing dwelling or a separate building may require a grading (or land disturbance) permit. We can obtain the necessary topography and regrade (or reshape) the area being disturbed for proper adherence to local requirements. Most of our commercial & residential projects require site grading and drainage design. Drainage design is required to properly convey storm water after construction while maintaining the pre-construction storm water drainage patterns. Proper drainage design ensures the client has met any and all necessary storm water and water quality requirements while also maintaining the financial aspect of a project.

Civil Engineering > Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

As with any land disturbance greater than 1 acre and in addition to a grading (or land disturbance) permit, a SWPPP is typically required by the governing state authority. These SWPPP’s are documents that describe or “Phase” construction sequences in terms of erosion and sediment control. While a site is being constructed and before permanent stabilization, the land form is exposed of its original vegetation and sediment release from a site is of the utmost importance. State and local requirements prohibit the release of sediment from any construction site. Landmark’s expertise with SWPPP’s can effectively prepare these documents to ensure the sediment is conveyed and contained within the property boundaries.

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