Land Surveying > As-Built Surveys

Landmark’s professional as-built surveying services provides clients with accurate ground information primarily for engineering projects but also for post construction recording as requires by municipalities. Civil Engineers typically need this information to accurately relocate utilities, design ingress/egress connection points, connect to existing utilities with designed utilities, demarcate areas for demolition and examine areas to route storm water. As-built surveys can also include volumetric surveys for temporary sediment basins and permanent detention basins for calculation to ensure that the particular basin is as designed.

Land Surveying > Boundary Surveys

Landmark’s professional boundary and retracement survey services is typically for the private landowner who simply may wish to know where their property boundaries are located on the ground. Typically, property lines are marked for future recovery. Sometimes clients wish to construct a fence to mark their property limits. Boundary and retracement surveys often turn into subdivision surveys into lots or tracts for residential purposes or future Will Probation.

Land Surveying > Topographical Surveys

Landmark’s professional topographical surveying services follows the same pattern as our services for as-built surveys but with an addition, land form topography, or contours. Topography (contouring) is typically included as a part of as-built surveys for Civil Engineering projects as it is necessary to design and reshape the existing land form. Sometimes topographical surveys are performed for clients who wish to construct landscaping features, farm ponds, add additions to their existing dwellings or vertical sight distance (view profiles), etc.

Land Surveying > Construction Staking

Landmark’s professional construction staking services offers construction experts accurate information allowing for them to exceed project expectations and meet their tight schedules. Our system is a seamless process that has been developed over many years of field layout experience. Landmark has previous experience with large General Contractors who demand a quality product to which we deliver. Something that sets us apart is the ability to utilize technology to keep the current information in one location. Utilizing Digital Terrain Models (DTM’s), exported horizontal and vertical alignments and site linework minimizes mistakes and repetitive calculations.

Land Surveying > ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Landmark’s clear understanding of the specialized requirements typically required by commercial lending institutions ensures a client has exactly what is needed and expected for the particular ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey. We keep current with the vast changing/updating of these types of survey requirements by lawmakers. A basic, or minimum, set of Standard Detail Requirements are required and the client can opt to add additional services, via a “Table A” checklist. We can consult with the client to avoid unnecessary Table A options as often they are unaware of what is required versus optional.